Front Window Theatre in Collaboration with Underground Car Park

“[...] like most science fiction, is not about literally predicting the future. Rather, it is about capturing and depicting the latent futurity that already haunts us in the present.“ - S. Shaviro

“Forecasting” is a collaboration between Gothenburg based Front Window Theatre and a group of Glasgow based artists. The project takes place in the city area Gårda, Gothenburg, and is a site specific collaboration. On the 23rd of August the work will be presented as an exhibition, forecasting the future of its surrounding cityscape.

Opening Saturday, 23. August, 18:00-21:30

Finissage Sunday, 24. August, 18:00-21:30

Participating artists are:

Kim Johansson (Göteborg)

Gustav Lejelind (Göteborg)

Jenny Lewis (Glasgow)

Philippe Murphy (Glasgow)

Alys Owen (Glasgow)

James Sayer (Glasgow)

Beth Shapeero (Glasgow)