CV 2015



Gustav Lejelind

Born in Uppsala, Sweden, 1982. Currently living and working in Gothenburg, Sweden.




Master of Fine arts – class of 2013, Valand Academy of Fine Arts, Göteborg

Bachelor in Art history – class of 2006, Uppsala University, Uppsala

Urban Sound – 18,5p, 2011, Valand Academy of fine arts

Experimental music – 15p, 2010, Valand Academy of fine arts

Sound 1 – 7,5, 2010, Valand Academy of fine arts

Exhibitions and performances


2015- We are what we remember - Pasaj Independent art space, Istanbul

2015- Dialogue treee - Tombola Park Salong, Göteborg

2015- A Part Two – performance, Stora Teatern, Göteborg

2015- Endeavors to Sustain, performance, Södermannagatan 32, AM Public ,Stockholm

2015- TESTING:PASSION – FRAMFÖR FÖRE BAKOM EFTER, solo exhibition, an installation at Stockholm Concert Hall (Comissoned by Swedish Exhibition Agency and Stockholm Concert Hall),

2015- REMEMBRANCE, Gothenburg Center for Contemporary Art (A Front Window Theatre project),


2014- Remembrance, Atalante, Göteborg

2014- Forecasting, Front Window Theatre Göteborg

2014- Commute, Front Window Theatre, Stigbergstorget, Göteborg

2014- Greven, Säfstaholms slott, Vingåker


2013- Fabriksgatan 48, Front Window Theatre, Göteborg

2013- Radio of a city, Motala Konsthall, Motala

2013- A Part KSAT, extract from the opera A Part, Paris

2013- A Part II, Malmö Nordic, Malmös Konsthall

2013- The Fallen Tree, Tombola Parksalong (in collaboration with Kim Johansson and Nils Elvebakk Skalegård), Slottskogen, Gothenburg

2013- A Part II, Sound installation (Violine parts by Karin Wiberg), Göteborgs Konsthall, Göteborg

2013- A Part, An Opera, Par Bricole, Göteborg

2013- Low, Bowiemuseet, Video installation, Göteborg


2012- Decoration of Independence, Picture Window, sound installation, during Sonic-a sound art festival, Glasgow, UK

2012- Field office, group exhibition during The Glasgow international festival of art, Glasgow, UKl


2011- 57° 38´ 10” N 11° 46´ 40”: A Site-Oriented Project by Valand's MFA, Brännö Island, Göteborg

2011- Workshop and performance at Nordiska Konstskolan, Kokkola, Finland

2011- Drömmen om ett annat Göteborg, group show at the Maritime museum in Göteborg

2011- KSAT – Visions of the Future, Sötbox, installation, Paris


2010- KSAT - Musical Issue - Sound sculpture and Streamed performance, Sötbox, Hamburg

2010- KSAT – Mind Trips, Sound piece in sheet in music, Sötbox, Rotterdam

2010- Francis and Bear, Galleri 54 – Performance at Le Placard Headphone festival

2010- Sötbox v.s. Stena Line – Peformance, Parking lot Kommersen, Göteborg

2010- Sötbox at Box, Installation and performance (in collaboration with Kristin Bergman), Galleri Box

2010- Way out– Sound and Video installation(with Mårten Bergkvis and Ann-charlotte Rugfelt Ferm) Way Out West, Göteborg

2010- L’Eclaireur, Video installation, Paris

2010. Red Room, Performance at Le Tigre och Sof’s Bar in Paris




2013- Pronto, Göteborgs Stad

2013- Siftelsen Von Sydow

2013- Stiftelsen Eric Ericsson

2007- Kallenbergs Stiftelse

2006- Kallenbergs Stiftelse